About Me

The Founder – Jeffrey Cory

To define in simple words – Fitness freak, health cautious and Entrepreneur.

Being a person who was more into fitness, health and its related fields from a very young age, experimenting with it in every way possible was one common thing. After years of practice and extensive research, came up with a lot of ideas to be followed for one to be healthy and fit.

Giving a deeper thought to it, asked why not assist people in making their lives better and healthier. That one spark was the very reason for the beginning of hempertise. 


Jeffrey Cory Author

With ten plus years of experience in giant corporate, this guy really loves to take risks both personally and professionally.  With the only vision is to take this firm to great heights, he sure does go that extra mile to get things done.

One of the greatest assets of Udisglutenfree is without second thoughts the CEO. We help you for better living, but our CEO sure does help UDisglutenfree to improve in every aspect.

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