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You own a hemp plant and want to multiply it? This is best achieved with cuttings. The following article informs you about how you can easily propagate your cannabis plant with cuttings.

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hemp plant by cuttings multiply - Advantages

The advantages of propagation by hemp cuttings will convince you. The cuttings have the same characteristics as the mother plant. You know the sex of the plant, the quality, the variety and the taste. So you already know how your hemp tea's gonna taste when you cut off cuttings. Compared to the breeding from seeds you save a lot of time. Both the germination time and the development time for the seedlings are eliminated. Therefore you can also harvest faster from your hemp plant.
If you don't have a mother plant, you can buy a few Euros cuttings in the online shop order. The purchase of cuttings offers you the advantage that you can make yourself beforehand exactly about the quality and condition of the hemp cuttings. Of course, only strong, healthy and beautiful cuttings are offered to you in the Shop. It's always an experience when you watch your cuttings thrive.

Cloning hemp plant - step by step

Cut cuttings

Cut a shoot from the mother plant below a pair of leaves. The cut should be made at an angle of 60° downwards from the shoot. Do not cut with a pair of scissors, as the shoot will be crushed at the interface and may die as a result. After you have cut off the shoot, you immediately place it in a prepared glass of water for rooting.

Root formation of the cuttings

You don't have to use a hormone to make the shoot root. The treatment of the interface with a root hormone, however, accelerates the formation of roots. If you have decided to use root hormone, dip the shoot about 2 cm into the solution. After that you have to put him in a cuttings container with growing soil. Stone wool cubes filled with Anzuckerde, peat swelling pots, etc. are suitable for this purpose. Place the growing container with the shoot in a miniature greenhouse to ensure high humidity. Once or twice a day you have to air the mini greenhouse. Your minigreenhouse must be warm, about 25 degrees Celsius and bright. The earth must not be wet, only damp. It is important that the mini-greenhouse is illuminated 18 hours a day. After about two weeks the clone has rooted through the growing pot and you can transplant it into a larger pot.

Why is it worth cloning hemp plants?

For thousands of years, the hemp plant has been used around the globe in a variety of ways, including as a medicinal plant. In the meantime, countless different varieties of hemp exist. Reproduction by cuttings is an easy way to multiply the different varieties easily if you want to use hempöl against cancer and other diseases.

Hempöl against panic attacks apply

Many people in this country suffer from anxiety disorders and/or panic attacks. Frequently, fears of existence, such as unemployment, are the trigger. Patients can no longer calm themselves down and withdraw. hemp oil can relieve the symptoms and prevent the development of panic attacks.

hemp oil against epilepsy

Epilepsy is incurable. Although orthodox medicine tries to treat symptoms with various medications, it is not always possible to treat the symptoms. However, the drugs used cause severe side effects. hemp oil is a natural remedy and can shorten or even completely stop the severity and duration of epileptic seizures in humans as well as for dogss.

Hemp Oil against multiple sclerosis

for multiple sclerosis can also provide hemp oil for relief. If you are looking for an alternative that relieves symptoms and fatigue without side effects, you should definitely try hemp oil. On the Internet you will find numerous User reviews of MS patients who confirm the positive effect of CBD against multiple sclerosis.

Hemp Oil against migraine

for migraine, you have such strong automobiles that it affects your quality of life. migraine is usually treated with pharmaceutical painkillers. Such a treatment, however, is associated with side effects. In several studies it has now been discovered that hemp oil has a gentle against migraine effect and relieves symptoms such as nausea, car cigarettes and sensitivity to light and noise. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, hemp Oil does not cause side effects and does not make addicted. hemp oil does not contain psychoactive substances and does not make you high. You can buy high quality hemp oil in absolut legal order online shop and apply it. hemp oil can also be recommended as a dietary supplement if you want to do something good for your general well-being.

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The propagation of hemp plants by cuttings is child's play, so you can harvest your plant as needed to prepare a healthy hemp tea, for example. You can also get gas oil at the Shop order. The shop operators themselves have made good experience with the products on offer. hempöl or a hemp plant you should always have at hand.

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