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The positive effect of hemp oil has been known for a long time. More and more scientific studies review the application of the oil in various fields, with promising results. In today's article we talk about the different application areas of cannabidiol and which effect can be achieved in each case.

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The numerous application areas for hemp oil

cannabidiol or CBD has a pleiotropic effect, i.e. effect and side effect are triggered in different ways. This makes it more difficult for scientists to determine the exact mechanism of cannabidiol's action. On the other hand, it also means that the substance is a versatile therapeutic application allowed. CBD interacts with different receptors in the body with which it works actively or blocks them. The product is thus used to alleviate many different clinical pictures and complaints. application can be performed both externally and internally. hemp oil is usually consumed in drops, although dosage may vary depending on the disease. Who should do without the taking of the substance, are Pregnant women. Taking hemp oil during pregnancy can have a negative effect on the placenta as it acts on some proteins that are responsible for its function. There are very well User reviews of women who have CBD during pregnancy taken, often against nausea. However, there is no scientific and medical studies in this respect, which can exclude a danger of the foetus. We therefore advise you to play it safe and leave CBD out during pregnancy.

The application by hemp oil for skin and hair

Hair and skin are only two of the many application areas for cannabidiol. It not only contains the active ingredient CBD, but is also enriched with unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Especially vitamin B is often found in the treatment of acne application. CBD oil is rich in vitamin B and can be applied immediately to the affected area. Its antibacterial effect unfolds not only in acne, but also dry or irritated skin. But these properties are not only a great help for the skin, also hair and even nails benefit from it. The vitamins A, B and D contained in CBD Oil ensure healthy growth and help the skin to regenerate. In order to achieve the best effect, the application of the oil should not only take place externally. So the ingredients work from the inside and achieve a higher effect. This is particularly important in the case of autoimmune diseases, for example, which manifest themselves externally. So if you want to use hemp oil for psoriasis (Psoriasis), you cannot avoid the outer and inner application. The deficiency of vitamin A and D associated with the disease must be balanced from the inside to show an effect. The external application has a supportive effect on for psoriasis.

The application of hemp oil for pain

CBD oil has long been found in application in the relief of (chronic) Pain. Already in 2008 the scientist E.B. Russo discovered the benefit of the substance for pain relief, especially for joint complaints. Since then the effect of CBD to the pain Management was unfortunately only conditionally investigated, which is probably because of the stigma, which surrounds the substance. There are, however, numerous User reviews and also some hemp oil studies that explain the effect of the oil. It is believed that CBD binds to the endocannabinoid receptor CB2 and thus inhibits Pain. A collaborative study even found that the drug stimulates the production of endogenous cannabinoids, which in turn bind to the CB2 receptors. User reviews mainly talk about patients who have long morphine taken and suffered extremely from side effects, apart from the danger of addiction. hemp oil's application has actually replaced morphine for many people and thus improved their quality of life. The active substance can also unfold its pain-relieving effect in other areas of application.

The application von hemp oil in various clinical pictures

There's plenty of application areas for cannabidiol. application is found in a wide variety of diseases, not only because it relieves Pain. By increasing the anandamide concentration in the body, the oil has a positive effect on the immune and nervous system and the associated disease patterns. migraine patients, for example, have reported fewer seizures since using CBD regularly. epileptic seizures can also be greatly reduced according to experience reports. A study from the David Geffen School of Medicine in Los Angeles confirmed this and found that the oil can help especially with pediatric epilepsy. Also Parkinson, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and rheumatism are application areas for cannabidiol. In the case of cancer, the substance can not only relieve Pain, but also nausea and loss of appetite that occur during a chemotherapy. This allows patients to regain their strength more quickly and maintain their immune system. The application areas of CBD Oil are not limited to physical diseases. Since the active ingredient affects the serotonin level, it also finds application in psychiatric diseases. cannabidiol can thus replace antidepressants, some of which bring strong, unpleasant side effects with them. Numerous studies suggest a positive effect of CBD for depression. Clear resultss do not exist yet. We strongly advise you to approach hemp oil for depression's application accompanied by a doctor.

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hemp oil's application is as versatile as its effect

Whether external or internal, the hemp oil application is incredibly varied and effective in many places. You have to approach the right dosage and also the products in the trade differ. We have several for you tested and can recommend our personal hemp oil reviews/test winner. At this point we would like to advise you to consult a doctor or specialist before application von hemp oil, especially if you have physical or mental illnesses. Sources: E.B. Russo: Collaborative study: studies on epilepsy: depression:

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