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hemp oil is becoming increasingly popular. It can be freely buy and consumed. But especially with regard to the term hemp the question often arises how this could affect a drug test. Would this positive or negative be cancelled? In the following article we will deal with this exciting question in detail.

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THC and his effect

The oil which is also called CBD oil is extracted from hemp. Besides the form as oil, there are also other forms how to consume it. So there is here hemp Liquid, hemp tea, a hemp ointment or but also hemp cuttings for consumption. As far as consumption is concerned, it is important to know that this is not a drug. Surely you can read again and again, THC's in there. And THC is responsible for a drug frenzy. Both are true, but there is a serious difference. It does not matter whether THC is present in principle. Instead, the decisive factor is what amount of THC is available. And here a limit value of 0.2 percent applies to all CBD products. And this prevents a corresponding effect as it is usual with drugs. Whereby one must also clearly emphasize at this point. There are not only oils and other products with THC, but also without. When purchasing CBD products such as hemp oils, you also have to be careful that you only purchase hemp oils where the value is 0.2 percent. Especially with hemp oils from abroad, like the Switzerland, there are also higher values of THC with 1 percent. That wouldn't be allowed with us.

How a drug test reacts

Detached from that, one has to look at the subject from a drug test. Especially in road traffic one can easily get into a police check. And if the police suspect drug use, there is a reviews. Usually, this is either a so-called wipe-Reviews that works with sweat or an urine test. This of course requires an urine sample. If you have consumed oils or a tea made from hemp, the question naturally arises how a drug test reacts. Basically you have to know, these reviews have only one purpose, to confirm or refute a first suspicion. And here, typical characteristics for drugs, such as THC, are searched for. One could also fall into this category, since the consumption of oil also means that the THC contained in it is absorbed. Which you can't generalize. Decisive for the outcome of a drug test, will be here the consumer behavior. Those who consume a lot of hemp oil, i.e. more than 1000 mg, will have to expect a positive drug test. However, this is always assumed to be THC with a maximum of 0.2 percent. If it is less THC, this can of course have the same effect on the detectability as if hemp oils with a higher content were consumed.

How long can you prove it?

A question that often arises, how long can hemp oil be detected in urine? That, too, cannot be answered in general terms. Here, too, consumer behaviour is fundamentally important. The duration of consumption and the quantity are therefore decisive here. If a detectability is given, it can usually still be detected in the urine two or three weeks after the last consumption. This length is mainly due to the fact that it takes some time until the THC is dismantled again. If it comes to a positive drug test, one will have to reckon of course with further investigations by the police. This is unpleasant, but one should not worry about it. Because especially further research will show that this is not drug use.

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If hemp oils is the subject, then this is not a drug. Although there are hemp oils who have THC. At 0.2 percent, however, the amount of THC is too small. There are also hemp oils who don't have a THC. Although the THC has no effect like drugs due to its small quantity, it can come to a positive drug test. This is owed to THC, who is looking for such substances at a drug test. You only have to reckon with a positive result if you consume a lot of hemp oils or other CBD products with THC. This would require not only a large quantity, but also a certain durability. Since THC is only slowly broken down, it can still be detected in the urine long after the last consumption. So one must count here on a provability of up to 3 weeks. If you don't want to expose yourself to a possible positive drug test, you can avoid it. And that's if you limit your consumption to hemp oils, who don't have a THC.

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