Hemp oil for migraine - Effective miracle drug 2019?

Migraine is a widespread phenomenon. In Germany alone, 10% of the population suffers from it, with women being affected more often than men. Since migraine usually does not only mean a headache, but also nausea or strong sensitivity to light, ordinary painkillers usually do not help. Often those affected have to spend hours or days in a darkened room and cannot move much. One possible active ingredient that can help is CBD oil. In this article we discuss how the hemp plant drug affects migraine.

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What are the causes of migraine?

There are many theories and opinions about the causes of migraine, but there is no clear answer. The disease is classified as a neurobiological dysfunction in which parts of the brain become inflamed and certain messenger substances are overproduced. A low serotonin level can lead to dilation of the blood vessels, which in turn can cause sick headache. A migraine differs greatly from ordinary and also tension headaches. The Pain are much stronger and often limited to one half of the head, which can also extend to the whole head. It is impossible to foresee the disease; migraines are suddenly paralyzing those affected. The exact causes for a sick headache are not known, but it is speculated that there are certain triggers. Since women, for example, are affected much more frequently than men, the trigger could be hormonal. But diet, dehydration, insomnia and stress can also cause sick headache. Certain foods such as red wine, citrus fruits and chocolate contain ingredients that can also act as triggers for a migraine.

What happens to a sick headache?

A sick headache is more than just strong a headache. The nerve networks in the brain as well as the entire metabolism are affected; the messenger substance CGRP contained in the blood also ensures a higher sensitivity to pain. It is not uncommon for those affected to see the seizure several days in advance; they then feel more irritated or suffer from increased sensitivity to light. When the sick headache starts, the symptoms intensify. A strong stabbing pain spreads. But this is often not the end of the story. The accompanying symptoms are nausea and vomiting, balance and speech disorders. Often, those affected have no other choice than to draw the curtains and stay in bed.

What to do with a sick headache?

Since the exact causes of migraine are unclear, there is no direct treatment. Patients with a sick headache understandably often resort to known medications to relieve symptoms. These include painkillers such as paracetamol, ASA (contained in aspirin), ibuprofen, and various anti-nausea medications. However, these show only in the case of a light migraine effect, in most cases they hardly provide any relief. Furthermore, the permanent taking of such medications can itself lead to a headache or migraine and, depending on the medication, can damage the stomach or liver. Triptans, for example, are special migraine drugs. These can normalize the increased nerve activity in the brain during a migraine and fight Pain as well as other accompanying symptoms such as nausea.

CBD - the alternative against migraine

The versatile effect from cannabidiol has been known for a long time. The substance has a pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory effect, regulates the serotonin level and can bring the body into its natural balance. Due to its calming effect, hemp oil against panic attacks can also be effective against anxiety disorder. But the active ingredient can also be helpful to for migraine. That's not just what User reviews sufferers say. More and more studies are establishing a connection between migraine and the human body's endocannabinoid system. As part of our nervous system, it affects, among other things, our sleep, appetite and pain sensation. So a lack of endocannabinoids can also try migraine. The taking from CBD can thus compensate for a deficiency and, according to a study from GW Pharmaceuticals, can treat migraine. hemp oil's supposed to be prophylactic. Because it is relaxing and provides a more restful sleep, taking can prevent a sick headache or significantly reduce its symptoms. Furthermore, the oil has the property to increase the serotonin level and to counteract a dilatation of the blood vessels, whereby a sick headache may even be prevented.

Never again migraine with CBD?

Numerous User reviews indicate that cannabidiol is helping against migraine. However, even this active ingredient cannot cure the disease. According to experience reports, symptoms such as pain and nausea are greatly reduced by the taking. 85 % of the participants of a study of the European Academy of Neurology even reported that CBD's taking greatly reduced the frequency of their seizures. The big advantage of cannabidiol is that the fabric is pleiotropic. This means that effects and side effects can occur in many different ways, which makes the active ingredient so versatile. In the case of migraine, CBD can act on several causes or triggers of the disease. The active ingredient can promote healthy sleep, relieve Pain and increase serotonin levels. Many people are worried about the side effects of cannabis oil. side effects, which has been reported are for example nausea. However, these negative effects are often associated with a dose that is too high. In this case, we recommend reducing the doses and slowly approaching the oil.

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Relieve with CBD migraine

Do you or someone you know suffer under migraine? Are conventional medicines no help? Can't you handle the side effects? CBD could be the alternative you're looking for. According to experience reports, the properties of the oil have an enormously positive effect on effect for migraine and can even reduce seizures. But the oil also shows its effect in other clinical pictures. hemp oil against Parkinson's is used where it also counteracts Pain and reduces the tremors associated with the disease. The active ingredient application is also found in more serious diseases. Doctors are increasingly prescribing hemp oil against cancer. Thus it counteracts the loss of appetite and also the Pain during the chemotherapy and stimulates the immune system. Sources: GW Pharmaceuticals study: Study of the European Academy of Neurology:

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