Hemp oil in ADHD - Effective miracle drug 2019?

The attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or in short: ADHD is currently the most common disease in children and adolescents. But also about 4.5% of all adults suffer from the behavioural disorder. As many affected patients are looking for alternatives to previous drug and non-drug therapies, we have looked into the effect of CBD hemp for ADHD and are now convinced that CBD/cannabidiol can help many patients deal with the Attention deficit disorder.

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How exactly does ADHD develop and how can cannabinoids help ?

People who suffer from the hyperactivity disorder often find it difficult to concentrate and control their impulsiveness. This can often lead to a situation where the usual performance cannot be achieved at work or in everyday life. Such problems are caused by an imbalance in the messenger substances in the brain. A major problem here is reduced dopamine production, while the cortisol level is rising steadily. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that, among other things, controls the cognitive abilities of the brain such as memory, attention level and mood. With hemp oil you can balance this imbalance, although it is very unlikely that side effects will occur. Cannabinoids can influence the control of dopamine production in the brain and help to increase it. Why, however, should CBD be preferred to the previously used remedies such as Ritalin? Synthetic substances can also often help to increase dopamine production. The problem is that they also prevent the dopamine from being broken down again at the same time. This often results in the body being plagued by withdrawal symptoms and other side effects symptoms as soon as the Ritalin is discontinued again. hemp oil helps to increase concentration and keep the risk of any side effects very low without developing an addiction. So it's a good place to give it to your kids. Despite this, we would like to tell you that in rare cases there may be slight side effects such as nausea, diarrhea or a dry mouth. CBD also makes it easier for the body to rest and can thus effectively counteract certain sleep disorders that for ADHD regularly occur.

CBD as an unconventional alternative

Already in 2014 Dr. Eva Milz, with the support of Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen, conducted a study on the behavior of ADHD patients in conjunction with CBD. 30 volunteers took against ADHD for this study CBD because they could not be helped by the conventional medicines. Each of the participants was able to notice a positive change in their clinical picture. We would like to explain to you how you can use CBD grass or hemp oil against ADHD. Note, however, that a doctor should always be consulted beforehand in order to find the perfect dosage for you. hemp oil can be accommodated well in everyday life, is variably applicable and can be easily absorbed, for example by adding it to normal meals. You must make sure that the hemp oil does not exceed a certain temperature, otherwise the CBD could lose its active ingredients. The effect of CBD hemp oil can vary more or less from person to person. In order to find the perfect dosage for you, you should start with a small amount and then slowly improve. As I said, if you are unsure about the correct portioning, always seek help from a medical specialist. This is especially important if you want to take CBD in combination with other medications. If you have found the right amount for yourself and the CBD is not heated too much, it can be absorbed very quickly by the body. CBD hemp oil can be purchased from many different suppliers. It is important for you to pay attention to the purity of the oil. The Candropharm extracts, to name one company, for example, has an extremely high purity of 99.5% CBD. If you are looking for another CBD alternative, we can recommend that you check out our Cannabis Wax page. This is even more concentrated than hemp oil and can therefore be even more effective.

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Conclusion on the treatment of ADHD with CBD hemp oil

CBD can be especially worth a try if conventional therapies and medications do not work or if you are looking for a supplement to your therapy. Due to the low risk and many positive results, the majority of the Internet is enthusiastic. Not wanting to consider CBD because of wrong research or wrong prejudices is a missed chance for improvement. You can and should of course like to discuss with your doctor about CBD as a possibility and think about whether it is a possibility for you to make life with ADHD easier for you or your child.

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