Hemp oil in Crohn's disease - Effective miracle drug 2019?

Anyone suffering from the chronic inflammatory bowel disease Crohn's disease will always look for ways to alleviate the symptoms. Unfortunately, orthodox medicine does not yet have a remedy to offer here. An alternative medicine here could be hemp oil.

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Which means against Crohn's disease

hemp oil can help you fight or at least alleviate your Pain. Anyone who suffers from Crohn's disease knows how terrible stomach cramps can be. In Crohn's disease's thrust you always have severe abdominal pain, often you have to vomit and diarrhea is almost standard in a thrust. Surely there are also times without relapses with this disease. In these times the sick person feels almost healthy. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Unfortunately, Crohn's disease is a chronic disease for which there is no cure yet. Certainly orthodox medicine offers many different medicines here. The aim is always to ensure that the patient does not get a push for as long as possible. Because those who are in a hurry as Crohn's disease sufferers have considerable restrictions in their everyday lives. Unfortunately, the medicines of orthodox medicine have considerable side effects. These certainly do not appear in every patient, but often the consequences can only be recognized years later. A prime example here is always the drug cortisone - as a permanent medication, the risk of falling ill with automobile drugs increases considerably. Anyone who would rather try a "natural" medicine will be made aware of CBD preparations relatively quickly. hemp oil is also a CBD remedy.

What is CBD and how does it work?

CBD's a cannabionoid from the hemp plant. But please do not confuse this with the addictive substance that high does. This is not the case with cannabinoid. For example, if you use CBD hemp, you will see how good it is at relieving pain. You don't have to be afraid of an addiction, this is practically impossible with CBD. Also the side effects are so weakly pronounced that they are not worth mentioning. Very briefly explained: There are also cannabinoid receptors in your body - these then combine for example with the cannabinoid receptors of hemp oil and this helps you to suppress the Pain and nausea during a relapse. The inflammation is also inhibited and the appetite is stimulated. Many patients have to accept a large loss of weight during a relapse. This weakens the body additionally.

How can hemp oil help me?

Hemp oil is the cold-pressed oil from the hemp plant. It is anti-inflammatory and analgesic. And above all without any serious side effects. The great advantages of hemp oil are also the various application possibilities. Whether you mix it with food or drink it - the effect is the same. Even applied to the skin, it does its duty. However, it should not be smoked or vaporized. This is expressly discouraged. CBD grass, CBD crystals or CBD hash are much better suited for these applications. You should certainly pay attention to the quality of the purchase from hemp oil.

Is there a studies to the effect of hemp oil

There are several studies about CBD. So the cannabionoid from the hemp plant. Nothing else is hemp oil. These studies's document the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect for Crohn's disease patients. All test persons found a positive effect. In over 80% of the patients it was even medically proven that the state of health had improved significantly. The relapses of the Crohn's disease patients were much milder. And that is exactly the patient wish that suffers from Crohn's disease. These perpetual stomach cramps are simply not supposed to be there or at least substantially less joking. One would like to have fewer thrusts overall. To be able to continue to participate in social life despite a boost is a declared goal. The studies have also shown that patients using CBS have been able to reduce or eliminate other drugs. The drugs used by orthodox medicine against the inflammatory bowel disease Crohn's disease sometimes have severe side effects.

But which side effects can hemp oil have?

Since hemp oil is a purely vegetable product, the side effects are practically omitted. The narcotic THC was removed from the hemp oil, so there is no risk of dependence. Surely there can be people who are allergic to hemp oil. Even if large quantities of hemp oil taken are used, in individual cases a dry mouth and a very slight drop in blood pressure may occur. If the hemp oil is applied to the skin and there is redness or pustules, this is an allergic reaction. But even small children can be given hemp oil without hesitation.

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If you suffer from Crohn's disease, you should try everything to prevent or at least alleviate relapses. One remedy that you can use and try without hesitation here is hemp oil. Unfortunately, it will not heal the Crohn's disease. Unfortunately, this is not possible from today's point of view. But the abdominal cramps will be significantly alleviated, you will have less nausea to contend with, the relapses will be much milder overall. hemp oil is not only available on prescription. You get it in the pharmacy - also many online pharmacies like Candropharm offer it now at reasonable prices. Pay attention to the quality and let the pharmacy advise you here. Just try it out and the effect will surprise you.

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