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When hemp oils is mentioned, the question often arises whether it is legal or illegal. Unfortunately, there are a lot of differences here who make a uniform picture difficult. In the following we show where and how it is legal and what you should pay attention to if you want hemp oil buy.

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How hemp oilss in Europe are legal

hemp oils or also called CBD oil, one must know about the hemp oil effect. Because the effect von hemp oils is decisive if you want to approach the question of whether it is legal. Basically hemp oil is legal. hemp oil is a natural product made from hemp plant. It is not a drug, it is approved as a dietary supplement. hemp oils is with THC and without THC. Especially the THC and its content in hemp oils is decisive for the question, is hemp oil legal? hemp oils or hemp seeds are legal in Germany, but also in Austria, in France, in Italy, in the Netherlands, in Poland, in Spain, Belgium and in United Kingdom. Here are hemp oils allowed, when the THC content in oil does not exceed a limit of 0.2 percent. If you look at the individual countries that have been enumerated, you can see one thing. These are countries belonging to the European Union. This has the simple background that there is a uniform regulation here based on an EU directive. And exactly this guideline also calls the maximum THC value 0.2 percent. This low value guarantees that hemp oils cannot be a drug. This is because the value does not make intoxication possible.

Other countries in Europe and their regulations

In other European countries that do not belong to the European Union, there are different values. The Switzerland can be mentioned here as an example. Also here hemp oils legal are, they may have a THC content of maximum one percent. In comparison to 0.2 percent of the European Union, this is a significantly higher value of automobiles there. Especially at the purchase or when travelling, one should pay attention here so that one does not buy such hemp oils with a too high value. And if you buy them, you should not take them with you to another country, where other legal regulations may apply. Otherwise, you may be subject to prosecution. Of course you should also keep in mind the effects of hemp oils or other products with a significantly higher THC content, especially in application. Not only with regard to possible side effects, but also with regard to controls and a drug test. How THC and in particular larger quantities can have an effect here can be seen elsewhere in experience.

Watch out when traveling to the island

England was also mentioned in the list. But it is particularly important to know about this country that the value of 0.2 percent applicable to the European Union is a snapshot here. Because by the resignation from the union, it can come starting from 2019 to another value with the THC in hemp oils. Especially when travelling there, you should keep this in mind and check on the spot what allowed is and what it is not.

When travelling abroad

If you travel abroad and don't want to do without the consumption of hemp oils here, you should of course find out about legal beforehand. This avoids getting into trouble with the local authorities when travelling and staying. Because here too, of course, there can be a general ban on hemp oils, but different values. It is precisely because of these circumstances that you should not carry your hemp oils with you, but in case of doubt always on the spot buy. If the THC has a value other than the maximum permissible value, there may also be other requirements. You should also be careful with souvenirs, as the value of 0.2 percent is important here again. If you look at the United States, for example, hemp oils are generally allowed here. Here there is also no differences between the individual federal states. But where there is a difference compared to the European Union is in the THC salary. This amounts to 0.3 percent there. It's slightly higher than ours. In addition, the oil may only have been obtained directly from the seed or stem. A direct origin from the developing flower or from the leaves is forbidden. Imagine taking your oil with you and consuming it. How would you know how it was won? It is precisely to prevent such uncertainties that buy. Because then you're always on the safe side. The legal can apply completely differently in Asia or the Arab world. Most of them are generally known for their strict laws. Here one should inform oneself carefully.

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As the article shows, hemp oils are legal almost everywhere in some form. But there are partly serious differences regarding the THC content in the hemp oils. Whereby there is not only hemp oils with THC, but also without. For hemp oils in the European Union there is a uniform regulation by an EU guideline. This limits the THC to 0.2 percent. The European Union must not be confused with Europe in general. Just think of the Switzerland, where a value of one percent THC applies. Here you always have to watch out for consumption and the purchase. The same will continue to apply to the Kingdom on the island when they leave the European Union. Here it can come then to other legal regulations. When travelling to the United States you have to know that purchase and the consumption of hemp oils allowed is everywhere. With regard to the limit value of THC, a uniform value of 0.3 percent applies here. But there are still requirements as to where it was obtained from. In general, one can only advise anyone planning a trip or a stay in another country outside the European Union to carefully study the regulations there and always keep up to date. For there can also be countries where there can be a general ban, regardless of THC values.

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