Hemp oil pregnancy | You did not know that yet!

When you are a Mrs Pregnant, you always ask yourself what is acceptable and what is not. This is the case with medicines, but also, for example, whether one is still allowed to consume CBD oil? Or what about cannabis seeds, Medihemp and hemp oil? You can read a lot on the subject, but it's confusing. In the following the attempt of an enlightenment to the topic.

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There are different opinions

hemp oils or other products like CBD are available in different forms. Especially when a woman is during pregnancy, you have to ask if a taking is still possible. There is a lot of information on this subject, but unfortunately they contradict each other. So there are proponents, but also opponents who advise to renounce. for pregnant women's waiver is justified on the basis of the effects on certain proteins. There are proteins that can affect the functioning of the placenta. The placenta is responsible for the care of the baby, accordingly it must be efficient. This performance may be limited by the taking of the oil, as its constituents may affect the P-glycoprotein. It is also emphasized that the taking can also lead to side effects. For example, side effects such as drowsiness or loss of appetite are possible.

That speaks for a taking during pregnancy

As has now become clear, numerous points speak against the taking in pregnant women. But as already mentioned, there is also another side. The taking of CBD or hemp oils do not see any problems, justify this with its positive characteristics. Especially with regard to possible complaints during pregnancy, the effect of CBD can help. For example, if anxiety or depression is present during pregnancy. Because the components of CBD and hemp oil can lead to an improvement. In addition, the unscrupulous taking is also argued with the argument that CBD and Co. is approved as a food supplement in the European Union.

What to do now?

As you can see from the points of view, they could not be more different. As an affected woman who is pregnant, the question of what to listen to naturally arises. Basically, it must be said that research into the effects of pregnancy has not yet been completed. Accordingly one should also be careful with the taking. We should also bear in mind that, although the European Union's studies highlight the many positive characteristics, they already advise caution when it comes to consumption. A final advice in favour of the taking or the rejection of a consumption, one cannot make at this point. Rather, the Council of the European Union should be heeded and cautious. Accordingly, one should consume addicted, as one's own gynaecologist says. Whatever you have to consider, every woman is different and accordingly there can be different courses of a pregnancy.

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There is no consensus as to whether hemp oils should be take during pregnancy or not. Rather, there are different arguments. Unfortunately, there is no final research on this topic yet. The European Union's investigations are not clear here either, but rather advise caution. For this reason you should only consume it if you have consulted your gynaecologist beforehand.

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