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Is hemp oil healthy? Which effect has it? Do hemp oils make addicted? There are many questions around the topic hemp oils or hemp seeds. And scientific research has now been added to a large number of the questions. Which these are in detail and where there is still a need for research can be seen in the following experience.

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h2: Research has existed since the 1990s
hemp oils do not make addicted, these statements can be read everywhere. And that independent of a maximum THC value of 0.2 percent. The hemp oils or CBD oil does not make addicted, is the result of studies's work. Basically, it is important to know that although hemp oils is enjoying growing popularity, the scientific findings are not new. Research in this field dates back to the 1990s. hemp oils are today based on a research of the European Union, since 2016 approved as a dietary supplement. Within the scope of the research, the health effect was also confirmed in addition to the lack of intoxication effect, also with oils with 0.2 percent.

Studies on the health effects of hemp oils

Whether epilepsy, cancer or ADHD the diseases for which you rely on hemp oils, be it for direct treatment or to alleviate symptoms, is great. In pediatric epilepsy, hemp oils and studies can be shown to be very effective, for example. This can lead to significant relief, as Medicine in Los Angeles proved in its 2015 research. Building on this, supplementary research was conducted in 2017, which also confirmed the protection of nerves and the anti-inflammatory effect. But also with other diseases also one achieves positive research results, so the University of Louisville with the Parkinson's disease. By consuming hemp oils, the individual symptoms can be relieved well. You have to be careful, there can easily be an overdose, which can have an effect on negative's tremor. There has also been great research from the WHO, the World Health Organization. The WHO did not conduct targeted research, but rather conducted broad research on effect. Essential results of the research was that there can be no addiction as a result of the consumption of hemp oils. Also a generally good tolerability was determined, smaller side effects are rather the exception. That CBD generally positive can affect the behavior of a person, that it protects the nerve cells and ultimately that it is anti-inflammatory, antipsychotic, analgesic and anxiolytic. As one can see from this, the results of the individual researches overlap.

Watch out for the studies

Because there is hemp oils with or without THC and they are free for sale, they are often used. For example, the hemp oils are said to have an anti-inflammatory and Pain-relieving effect. As has become clear, this is underpinned by the studies. Whereby one must always pay attention in connection with the individual studies. So there are a lot of studies around hemp oils and other CBD products, which show good results, but they have not yet been researched on humans. Rather, good results were achieved in animal experiments. A final research and confirmation of the results in humans, is often still missing.

Research is not yet complete

Certainly, some readers will think that there is no longer any need for scientific research in the light of what has been said so far. But this impression is deceptive. Studies are still lacking in various areas. Although hemp oils today are certified a good effect on health, there is still need for examinations here. Here one must also not forget that these oils are approved up to today not as medicaments, but rather as food auxiliary means. And also in another area Meta analyzes and research are needed, here it concerns the effect with pregnancy. Especially in connection with hemp oils and pregnancy there are very different statements. Here there is still no clear scientific knowledge whether a consumption positive or negative is to be evaluated. And there is another field where there is still a need for research, namely the interactions. Here, too, there is still a lack of sufficient research on drugs, which interactions may or may not occur.

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If you are interested in hemp oils and in particular in research on it, you will come across a large number of research results here. Research is also not new, but has a long history. Especially with regard to the intoxication effect or the effect on health. In numerous research projects, however, one must also bear in mind that they are not carried out on humans, but rather on animals. Although there are positive findings, it is not uncommon for a clinical study to be lacking in humans. Although hemp oils and its effect are well researched overall, there is still a need for research in many areas. So, for example, just concerning the effect von hemp oils during pregnancy.

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