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Only a few people know that cannabis seeds are healthy superfood. Obviously the chance to reach a high age increases enormously if you are regularly hemp seed. The inhabitants of the Chinese village Bama Yao love to eat hemp seeds, many of them are over 100 years old.

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hemp seeds - legal and healthy

Hemp seeds are not only popular with hippies and potheads. The seeds contain plenty of protein and numerous other valuable health ingredients. They were already enormously appreciated by the ancient Egyptians as well as by the Chinese, and quite rightly so. The seedss are not only very healthy, but also extremely versatile. The operators of this site have already made positive experience themselves. The seeds are about three millimeters tall. They are formed on the cannabis plant. Actually, cannabis seeds are tiny nuts. They contain all essential amino acids and are therefore ideal as a source of protein. In addition, they convince by a high proportion of healthy omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Hemp seeds also contain the minerals iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium. They also provide your body with plenty of vitamin E as well as B1 & B2.
The cannabis seeds that you can get completely legal in the trade or on the Internet buy come from useful hemp plants. The intoxicating ingredient THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) was almost completely bred out of the plants. So you don't have to worry about becoming a high if you eat cannabis seeds every day.

Hemp seeds can be prepared in a variety of ways

The easiest way is to add the seeds to baked goods or dough. Another possibility is to sprinkle the seeds over salad, or to mix it with yoghurt or muesli. The nutty, slightly sweet taste of hemp seeds goes well with a variety of dishes. Depending on your preference, you can eat the seeds either peeled or unpeeled.
Since seeds have a high fat content, they are very rich in calories. 100 g hemp seeds contain about 400 kcal.
With a teaspoon of hemp seed oil you can refine dressings, soups, cereals and pasta.
You can also nibble peeled cannabis seeds in between as a healthy snack.
It is also possible that you process hemp seeds into oil. However, you must know that oil extracted from hemp seeds is sensitive to heat. That's why it's unsuitable for roasting. You can, however, use it to prepare salads. You can also use the oil to bind sauces.

Hemp seeds are suitable for allergy sufferers

As an allergy sufferer, you can also eat cannabis seeds without worrying because they contain neither lactose nor gluten. At the time of writing there are no known allergic reactions to the cannabis protein.

Hemp seeds have a preventive effect against the development of diseases

Not only that hemp seed oil extracted from the grains, but also the seeds deserve quite rightly the name Superfood. They belong to the group of foods with particularly exciting, health-promoting properties. Iron, magnesium and zinc are present in relevant quantities.
Healthy seeds contains highly effective antioxidants. They fight so-called free radicals. Free radicals are aggressive molecules that attack the tissue and cells in your body and damage the cells. This leads to different diseases. Free radicals also accelerate the aging process. Hemp seeds strengthen your immune system, protect your cells from degeneration and have an overall preventive effect.

Hemp seeds as a supplier of healthy fats

If you are already involved with healthy eating, you know that fat is not the same as fat. It does not only depend on the type of fat you eat, but also on an optimal ratio of the different types of fat. The optimal ratio of omega-3 fatty acids to omega-6 fatty seeds is 1 : 4. Hemp seeds offer you this optimal ratio for you. They can also help you to lower your cholesterol level.
This sets in motion the desired chain reaction in your body which is positive for your health. Cholesterol can be the cause of high blood pressure. High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels mean a double risk of arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is the calcification and constriction of the arteries caused by it. The disease can cause embolisms, strokes and heart attacks. You support your health, if you pay attention to an optimal ratio of Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Other effect of hemp seed

You have already experienced some hemp seed effects. The brown-green seedss also have numerous other impressive health effects. without THC also reduces stress as it contains a lot of vitamin B2. This vitamin is needed to manufacturing the anti-stress hormone cortisol. It neutralizes adrenaline, reducing stress. Cortisol also has an anti-inflammatory effect and regulates your blood sugar level and blood pressure. Vitamin B2 is normally present in relevant quantities only in animal foodstuffs. Hemp seeds are therefore the perfect source of vitamin B2 for vegetarians and vegans.

Cannabis seeds combat inflammation

An important property of the antioxidants contained in seeds, for example Phytol, is their anti-inflammatory effect. Because various diseases, such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, arthritis, etc. are always accompanied by chronic inflammation. If you want to treat such a serious disease, hemp seeds and the hemp seed oil extracted from them must not be used as the sole therapeutic agent. Instead, you should eat cannabis seeds as a supplement to therapy.
The gamma linolenic acid contained in hemp seeds inhibits the release of substances that promote the development of inflammation in your body. This fatty acid is also the basis for the production of the tissue hormone prostaglandin. It can be found everywhere in your body and regulates various processes, such as inflammatory reactions.

Hemp seed oil is not CBD oil

Hemp seed oil is obtained from the seeds of useful or edible hemp plants. hemp oil is an extract made of hemp seed. The oil is not extracted from the plant in which CBD is contained. The two oils are therefore completely different.

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hemp seed is a versatile natural product. Therefore you will find more and more hemp seed products on the shelves of supermarkets. You can also buy cannabis seeds on the Internet absolutely legal order. The small grains are rich in healthy ingredients, taste mildly nutty, crunchy and versatile. The prejudices against cannabis seeds are completely unfounded. Since the seeds does not contain psychoactive THC, you can eat it without a guilty conscience. However, cannabis seeds are not a miracle cure that can cure all diseases and symptoms. When you buy cannabis seeds, you get a healthy natural food supplement.

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