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Hemptouch is one of the market leaders in hemp and CBD care products and hemp oils. The young company is based in Slovenia and grows its hemp there as well. Only purely vegetable substances are used, Hemptouch gives a guarantee for the origin of the raw materials. The range includes Anoint, creams and pure oils, which are ideal for the care of sensitive and stressed skin.

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Hemptouch the company

The cultivation of useful hemp also has a long tradition in Eastern Europe, but the plant had almost disappeared from agriculture there by the end of the 20th century. Hemp used to serve as a fibre supplier for clothing, the manufacturing of ropes and lamp oil was extracted from the oily hemp seeds. Hemptouch has now revived the hemp tradition in Slovenia and built up a company of considerable size. The face of Hemptouch is Silvija, a young biologist and co-founder of the company. The young biologist has brought a small and fine assortment of high-quality products onto the market due to her own positive experience with hemp and its caring properties. "Hemp" is the English expression for hemp and translated freely the company name means as much as the "touch of the skin by the hemp".

The wonderful properties of the cannabis plant

The special thing about hemp is that it is such a robust plant and can be grown completely without herbicides, fungicides and artificial fertilizers. It uses the sun, simply repels predators, bacteria and fungi with its own substances and grows to a stately size within a short time. Despite the enormous growth, hemp always produces something very fine. The plants have filigree leaves, delicate and discreet blossoms and special essential oils and active ingredients. These robust and protective properties are passed on directly to humans and their skin by hemp through its unadulterated care products.
For further use in skin care products, only varieties of "Cannabis Sativa" = useful hemp, whose THC content must be below 0,2 percent, are cultivated.

CBD and skin care

Another special feature of the hemp plant is a fabric called cannabidiol, or CBD for short. The so-called cannabinoids are active agents of the hemp plant. In the recent past, drug research has become increasingly interested in these substances as some of them can have amazing effects on the human nervous system. The special part of the nervous system on which the hemp substances act was even named after the plant endocannabionoid system. The associated nerve pathways and receptors are closely associated with inflammatory processes, calcareous deposits at the synapses, metabolism and general human well-being. CBD is also able to unfold this soothing and balancing effect in and for the skin together with the remaining ingredients of the oils extracted from the hemp plant. Many skin problems and diseases are ultimately caused by nervous tension and stress. Allergies and hypersensitivities to some care products are external phenomena with which the body wants to draw attention to itself.

The CBD oil cream

One of Hemptouch's top sellers is the nourishing facial cream, available in various concentrations. experience enthusiastic users show that the hemp oil creams is wonderfully suitable for normal as well as slightly irritated skin types and allergy sufferers. The cream also did very well in reviews ( review/).
The cream pampers the skin with natural ingredients, nourishes and smoothes. Pure natural products not only apply a superficial film of silicones and other film-forming artificial substances, but also act in the lower skin layers and on the sebaceous glands. They basically help the skin to help itself In addition to the high-quality oil from pure hemp seeds, they also contain caring coconut oil, rose blossom water and hyaluronic acid, known for its anti-aging effect. The cream is 100% herbal and Hemptouch explicitly points out that in the cream as in all other products no THC is detectable.

The ointment for extra care

If you are one of those people who suffer from special skin irritations such as psoriasis, eczema or other extreme disorders of the skin's moisture balance, then the extra caring ointment could be just the right Hemptouch product for you. Even more selected, pure plant extracts such as marigold, chamomile and lavender, in addition to the all-rounder CBD, contribute to the immediate soothing of irritated skin. The Omega 3 fatty acids contained in hemp oil and the extremely rare gamma linoleic acid strengthen the skin. The aim is a skin that regulates itself again and can assume its natural protective function from the outside. Over-irritation and dryness can always be traced back to a disturbance in the water and fat balance of the skin. ointment is available in two different versions for irritated skin as well as for problem skin.

Hemptouch Oil drops

CBD oil is increasingly used as a miracle cure for general well-being disorders as well as serious illnesses. The deeply relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect has a generous effect on the whole human system. Whether the beneficial hemp substances are applied to the skin or taken is up to the personal needs and preferences. experience show that the oil drops taken also had positive effects on the skin appearance of humans, for example in acne, via the oral mucosa. Hemptouch offers the cannabidiol oils in his Shop in small pipette bottles and various concentrations. Which strength is right for you now, you must find out. The reaction can be different for each person. The oil is applied drop by drop to the mucous membrane of the mouth, preferably under the tongue. From there, the substance unfolds its beneficial effect in a matter of minutes. If you don't feel any effect, it may be that you have taken too little or that you are waiting too hard for an effect and are immediately tense again. Attention: as with all plant substances, much does not have to help the same amount. On the contrary, sensitive people often respond much better to finer dosages.

It's a fact that there are many products on the cannabidiol market that are of inferior quality and do not show the effect you are looking for. With the help of our readers, we have put together this CBD purchase advice where you will find high-quality products at the best price.

The cannabis and CBD market is booming. More and more manufacturers are entering the market, offering a wide range of products derived from hemp plant. Hemptouch is one of the firmly established brands among hemp care products. The company convinces by a sympathetic appearance and high-quality products to a very good price performance ratio. order you can buy the care series and the oil via the Hemptouch Shop itself or various dealers who offer products from different manufacturers. To the firing we would like to point you still to the Voucher action. Hemptouch has frequent discount promotions with different percentages. You can find the Voucher via your search engine and redeem it with a code for your next online order.

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