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The effect of cannabidiol is unexplored? We cannot confirm this because there are many medical and clinical studies on CBD and its effects on various diseases. At present, more than 53 different clinical trials, medical articles and tests have been found. Here you can see whether CBD could also help with your clinical picture and whether there are any medical studies available. Evidence includes common diseases such as chronic pain, but also cancer, schizophrenia, autism, migraine, multiple sclerosis and many other diseases.

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"CBD is not a miracle cure but can help many people. The minimal side effects make it more attractive than conventional medicine for many patients and sometimes also for doctors."
Marcus torres

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Cannabidiol can act as a catalyst and contain or even cure many diseases. The so-called Endocannabiniod System is a central component of it. Here you can learn more about the body's own system!


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We write out of conviction and because we are simply curious about more! We don’t just find the topic of cannabis incredibly exciting – each and every one of us has already experienced in his or her own environment or even on his or her own body what a blessing products from the hemp plant can be.

Jeffrey as lead author fortunately found Karen at the beginning of 2018 to be a big and above all sympathetic helping hand for community management.

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