Hemp oil for epilepsy - Effective miracle drug 2019?

Epilepsy is a disease known since ancient times, but it affects more and more people. Do you suffer from epilepsy or do you know someone in your circle of friends and acquaintances who is affected by this disease? Would you like to have an alternative or supplement to your usual medication? Then you should definitely read this article or recommend it to the persons concerned!

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What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy comes in many different forms and can have very different causes. It is estimated that about 10% of all people have an epileptic seizure once in their life. But that's not the same as epilepsy. One speaks of epilepsy only if the seizures occur regularly and repeatedly. This is the case for about 1% of the population. There are many causes and manifestations of this disease, but what they all have in common is overactivity in areas of the nervous system, which ultimately affects various functions of the whole body. In epileptic seizures, cramps, local or generalized, are often observed.

What treatment methods are available?

Although the disease has been known for thousands of years, medicine is still relatively powerless in many cases. There are many methods of treatment, but most of them do not get to the root of the problem, and therefore help only incompletely. Most drugs are administered in the form of synthetic active ingredients in pills or tablets. These often have strong side effects, especially if you need to be taken for many years. In addition, various operational procedures are also available for selection, depending on the type of project. Where all this fails, a ketogenic diet may bring relief. But even this is often not without unwanted side effects.

But there are also alternatives

One of them, which recently became more and more popular, is cannabis, more precisely the CBD oil. This natural substance can be used in combination with other medications or as an independent remedy. Unfortunately there are not many helpful, independent studiess about the effect of hemp yet. One of the reasons for this may be that the plant is still contaminated with a large stigma. However, a rethinking is currently taking place: More and more people are discovering the substance for themselves, with the most varied complaints, the epilepsy is there only a part of it. This will lead to more intensive research in this field in the coming years.

Hemp for epilepsy?

The hemp plant was discovered a long time ago as a means of against epilepsy and was used again and again. Due to the THC content of the plant and the associated illegality, however, neither many experience could be collected with it, nor could research be done with it. The plant had a bad reputation mainly as an intoxicant.
In recent years, however, the plant has been reinvented, so to speak. Cannabis was selectively cultivated with a negligible amount of THC, the intoxicating substance of hemp. At the same time, the CBD share was increased.
This makes it possible to treat diseases such as epilepsy with this wonderfully versatile medicinal plant, either together with other medicines or as a stand-alone remedy. side effects have not yet been observed. Mild acute reactions could only be observed with very high overdoses.
Not all types of epilepsy seem to respond equally well to the oil. For some, however, the clinical experience are very promising. There are cases of children with epilepsy in whom no medication has been able to help so far, and who were even completely free of seizures with the CBD-containing oil.

What other complaints can I still benefit from cannabis for?

From the infamous drug to the medicinal wonder plant? In fact, this seems to be exactly what is happening at the moment. Hemp has also been used as a medicinal plant for thousands of years. Together with the illegalisation of this plant, this old knowledge has unfortunately been largely lost to us. But now, as a substance without the intoxicating effect, cannabis is on the rise again. The plant is rediscovered as what it actually is - a precious, valuable and indispensable medicinal plant for many conditions.
Many application areas we are just (again) discovering. The CBD rich hemp is particularly effective as an analgesic, i.e. painkiller, or as a sedative. Very promising are also first experience with the hemp oil against depression, or high blood pressure. Even for cancer seems to help the plant in many cases. At least this is what the many and constantly growing User reviews patients all over the world suggest. It remains to be hoped that more independent studiess will soon come onto the market.

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CBD containing oil is in fact a very versatile substance. Whether in cancer therapy, for depression, Pain Management, or many forms of epilepsy. side effects are practically none known. You can use the CBD as a companion to your existing drug therapy, as well as an individual therapy. Please consult your doctor if you want to use the drops therapies with you and never suddenly stop taking your epilepsy medication on your own.

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